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Lakeland Dairies has raised a glass of milk to mark World School Milk Day 2023.

Wednesday 27th September marks World School Milk Day for 2023 and Lakeland Dairies Group CEO Colin Kelly joined students from Killeshandra National School, Co Cavan in toasting the greatness of the white stuff which is one of the healthiest and nutritious foods for anyone’s diet.

Praising the local school goers for their enthusiasm, Colin encouraged the students to enjoy fresh, sustainable and healthy milk which comes from the family farms of Lakeland Dairies suppliers across the region.

“As the old song goes, ‘them bones, them bones need calcium’ so I am delighted for Lakeland Dairies to be taking a leadership role on this hugely important day – World School Milk Day 2023. Milk is a nutrient rich food and is a high source of calcium which helps create strong, healthy bones for children and adults of all ages.

“Milk coming from our 3,200 farm families is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. It is heartening to see the children here in Killeshandra National School drink the Viva Milk with smiles on their faces. The Lakeland Dairies farm families are up at the crack of dawn every day ensuring the milk that is in your fridges and on your tables each morning is top quality and fuels healthy bodies across the country.”

Scientific research reveals that approximately 90% of the human skeleton is formed by age 18, so ensuring children receive the recommended daily intake of calcium is vital to later overall adult health and bone strength.

In line with this research, the Department of Health’s Food Pyramid recommends that children between the ages of five to eight years consume three servings of dairy per day. Whilst nine to 18 years olds are advised to have five servings per day. An example of one healthy serving includes 200ml of Lakeland Dairies’ leading VIVA Flavoured milk.

Studies carried out by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reveal that milk provides 18 out of 22 essential nutrients: Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Zinc and Protein. As a bonus, the VIVA milk range also contains added Vitamin D, which aids the body in retaining that all important calcium and phosphorus to maintain bone, teeth and muscle health.

Lakeland Dairies has supplied schools across Northern Ireland with fresh milk in 189ml portions for over 25 years, as well as milk for use in canteens as part of the School Meals provision. Lakeland Dairies also provide 82% of all flavoured milk to schools across the UK, making them the number milk supplier in UK schools.

The VIVA milk range comes out on top for flavour too, as results from blind taste tests carried out independently across the UK by 10 – 16-year-olds show the VIVA milk brand is preferred by 3 in 4 kids. VIVA Milk is fully traceable, the milk also comes in a fully recyclable carton, with a fully recyclable paper straw.