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It all starts with our farming heritage, with over 130+ years of dairy tradition producing the highest quality dairy products from the premium milk available from our 3,200 community of farmers on the Island of Ireland.

The Island of Ireland is particularly suited to growing an abundance of green grass – it is blessed with rich soil and plentiful soft rain. On average 90% of our cows’ diet is grass based*, which contributes to our butter's delicious, creamy taste. The natural beta carotene found in the grass gives our butter its distinctive yellow hue. 

We are committed to ensuring that all our milk suppliers meet the highest across the Island of Ireland. We source all our milk from sustainable family farms where high standards of animal care and calf wellbeing is intrinsic to everyday working practices. All of our farms are audited on a regular basis.

*Source: Information based on a combination of figures calculated from Farmer & Independent surveys

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